Saturday, February 11, 2006

Six months later:
It was six months ago yesterday that Sam had his open heart surgery to repair his VSD. It has been a while since we posted a scar picture (Sept 28th), so here's a few pictures from bathtime this afternoon. (click to enlarge.) Note that the main incision is fading as are the three small spots below his vertical incision. Two of those three either show up as dimples if he is standing or show up as smooth if he is lying on his back. Here is the link to the last picture in September.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Sam is 10 months old now:
Sam passed the 10 month mark yesterday. He's up and crawling on his knees and getting into plenty of trouble. The other day, we let him crawl out of sight for a minute and when we went to find him, he was up on the fourth step heading upstairs! That's a new trick. Diaper changing has turned into major combat with him. He is continuously writhing and wriggling trying to get off his back and up onto his knees. The only way to make progress on getting a diaper changed is by using a forearm to help immobilize his maneuvers.